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About me

Roland Friedl. Born in 1964. First and foremost a man, husband and father. But also entrepreneur, speaker, coach, author, guest lecturer and TV presenter.

Active as trainer, coach and consultant for international organizations for over 35 years. The focus is always on a high level of practical relevance in sparring. From practice for practice.

I am also an expert on men and masculinity and have created a platform for men.

And since I find new media very exciting, I co-anchor the weekly show "Mallorca Connection" on USA Global TV on various topics with exciting interview partners and experts. With ROLANDMedia on Youtube and Rumble I offer interesting interviews, videos, podcasts and presentations on my channels (The Earth Show, Wild at Heart, WirelessLifeRocks, Sparring4Leaders and MANTRApreneur).

Another project is RespectMotherEarth", where I dedicate my time and energy for a healthy and clean ecosystem.
I prefer a free and independent lifestyle and commute between different states. A few months a year I travel and live in a camper van and work from the most beautiful places in the world.

Don’t think outside the box. Think there is NO box.

Roland Friedl

My vision

My vocation and passions combine into one big whole: To my vision. And all my activities have something in common. They stand for a new beginning, day after day.

I am on fire to take organizations and leaders to the next level.

Within coaching, I connect people with their dreams, goals and aspirations. And with other people who are filled with the same desire for change and a new beginning. I encourage and accompany them to lead a fulfilled, happy and authentic life.

What I am particularly passionate about is helping men find their masculinity (again or for the first time).

Because the only thing we can always count on is change. Together we create the basis to make change possible, to allow it and to grow with it. Always with the goal that you yourself become exactly the person you always wanted to be. Authentic, at peace with yourself and an enrichment for yourself and your environment.

Organizations, Leadership & Interim Management

At SPS we guide people in organizations through transformational processes. Radical - Progressive - Holistic.
We shift attention from problems in management to new opportunities for collaboration.
SPARRTNER PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS helps you as a decision maker to understand how well you and your organization are aligned and where optimization can be made.

Wireless Life Rocks

Individual coaching

WirelessLifeRocks is a platform created by me to encourage and coach people who are looking for new perspectives in their lives.
The goal is for the people I accompany to focus their energy on actively creating a life that is full of meaning.

Men's group

Many men don't live up to their full potential and have no one to share with. And since I'm convinced that men need men to talk to, reflect on and share with, I created SPARRING4MEN.
Here men can learn from each other and with each other in small groups in a protected setting, characterized by honesty, respect, mutual appreciation and authenticity. The goal of the joint journey is for each man to regain his masculinity.
I help men remember who they really are.


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